Incubating our Incubator project

Innovation in Education

Our Education Incubator project kicked off this week with the very first face to face meeting, as evidenced by the photo below 🙂 The team of Educators drawn from both Exeter and Penryn will be developing a new module that is open to students from all campuses. It will cover the changing nature of work in an increasingly digital and global economy, and focus on building the skills needed for success in this environment.

From left to right are Beverley Hawkins, Stephen Hickman, Alison Truelove and Lisa Harris

The future of work is an important topic for all of us because it offers significantly different challenges and opportunities, shaped by digital innovations and trends towards global organising. For example, 3D printing, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and crypto-currencies will restructure entire industries and economies, transforming the nature and location of employment.

As the module is taught online, it will…

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Director of Digital Learning @UofEBusiness. I champion Digital Literacies, DigiChamps, Open Access & MOOCs. #PFHEA #JISCsocial50 #Innovator #Disruptor

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