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Playful Learning – a project update from Joe Francis at Truro Knowledge Spa

Incubator fellow Joe Francis, Clinical Skills Tutor for the BMBS Medicine programme, reveals his plans to deploy gamification to revolutionise clinical skills pedagogy #EduPLAYtion

It’s been an exciting start to this incubator project! We are aiming to investigate playful learning strategies and gamification, using our findings to implement these innovative learning strategies within the Universities BMBS medical curriculum and beyond!

The project thus far has been split into three distinct phases:

Phase 1

Initial Scoping Research Study (October 2018 – March 2019)
This research aims to better understand utilisation of the Moodle and Google Suite online learning environments by our current year 1-5 BMBS Medicine students. Data will be gathered through both quantitative and qualitative questions posed within an online questionnaire.

Phase 2

The EduPLAYtion Faculty Learning Community (January – July 2019)

A monthly learning community starting Wednesday January 30th initially for 6 months. This exciting set of workshops aims to start a transdisciplinary conversation about playful learning and the incorporation of such pedagogies into current curricula within higher education.

Phase 3

Development and Implementation of a Resource (January – July 2019)
Using data from the scoping research alongside evidence and experience-based opinion gained from the EduPLAYtion learning community, Clinical Fellows and a student committee, a co-design strategy will be used to develop a gamified learning resource with the aim of trialling this in the summer.

Project progress to date

So far Phase 1 is well under way and speakers for our Faculty Learning Community are being organised with some exciting presentations surrounding digital badging, the hidden curriculum and the physiology of play currently lined up for the New Year! Follow us on our blog site to hear all the latest updates!

In addition to these exciting developments, our project has thus far allowed us to collaborate with the FXPLUS Academic Development Team, specialist scholars in Playful Learning and higher education providers from around the country. This positive momentum will only continue as we begin our FLC curriculum.

Our next steps will be crucial to the project as we aim to begin collecting our research data and disseminating findings from our workshop collaborations, which we hope to utilise to inform the current Education Strategy Consultation.

Follow @josephfra on Twitter for the latest updates on this project using the hashtag #EduPLAYtion

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