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Innovation in Education

There’s lots of exciting educational innovation happening this term 🙂

Firstly, our new FutureLearn MOOC, Building Your Career in Tomorrow’s Workplace, starts on Monday 14th January. It includes contributions from a number of Exeter staff, business partners and Student Digital Champions. We aim to encourage learners to think beyond “standard” (i.e. 20th Century!) career pathways and consider the much wider range of options that are opening up in the digital economy.

The objective of our short open course is to equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their intended career goals in workplaces which require increasing levels of flexibility, adaptability and commitment to lifelong learning. Certain jobs may disappear but entirely new opportunities will become available that currently don’t even exist.

For example, developments in fields such as robotics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are proving to be highly disruptive to society and to ourselves…

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Director of Digital Learning @UofEBusiness. I champion Digital Literacies, DigiChamps, Open Access & MOOCs. #PFHEA #JISCsocial50 #Innovator #Disruptor

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