#BEM2034 the story so far…

Read about how this Education Incubator project is rolling out with students this year. It was fabulous to see the project leads working with students last year to craft this exciting new module.

Innovation in Education

The first two weeks of our new module Digital Technologies and the Future of Work have flown by. After a series of pep talks from Alison Truelove and myself, and a number of inspirational guest speakers, next week it’s all happening online. We’ve just started the third running of our FutureLearn MOOC titled “Building your Career in Tomorrow’s Workplace“, so over 200 Exeter students (including 18 from Penryn who were beamed in by video conference supported by Stephen Hickman) are now studying with a global cohort of MOOC learners for the next couple of weeks, before moving to materials and discussions on ELE for the rest of the term.

We created the module because how we work, and the nature of the work we…

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The University of Exeter’s Education Incubator scheme. Promoting pedagogic innovation and collaboration with an aim to enhance learning across the University and beyond.

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