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Education Incubator Project Call, 2021/22

We are excited to launch our new project call for year-long Incubator projects for the 2021/22 academic year. Further details on the amount of funding available will be released soon on our website here.

For this call, we are asking applicants to focus their project applications around the following three themes:

1. Globally-Engaged Learning

Building on our experiences of educating over the last twelve months and with a focus on collaborations, this theme asks for projects that pilot and evaluate ways of supporting students to engage internationally as part of their programmes.

This theme is aligned with the University agenda to create collaborative international programmes.

Collaborations on this theme might include those with educators, research partners, community organisations, and/or employers abroad.

2. Racial Equality and Inclusion

This theme encompasses projects seeking ‘Success for All’ students; this might include projects piloting and evaluating inclusive or decolonised curricula, and/or a means for supporting non-traditional students and closing attainment gaps.

It is crucial that these projects foster partnerships with students, the Guild, and existing groups on campus, involving them in all stages of their project.

3. Integrating online and on-campus for transformative education

This theme will ask people to take what was learned from the increase in online learning and pilot and evaluate how these approaches can be best applied to blended delivery and assessment as we return to campus.

Towards the end of 2019/20 it was necessary for exams and assessments to be online. In 2020/21 we have needed to adapt curricula and create resources to facilitate students learning within COVID-19 restrictions. As these restrictions are reduced and our campuses become more available as teaching spaces, educators will need to make decisions about how ways of teaching during COVID-19 should inform education during 2021/22 and beyond.

It will be crucial for these projects to collaborate with students, recent graduates, and industry/employer stakeholders.

Learn more here:

We will launch the application form next week, which can be completed through the Incubator website. The questions have been created using Design Thinking principles and will ask you to detail how you have collaborated with the suggested stakeholders in each theme to write solution-focused project applications.

To prepare to complete the application form and tell us about your project, we invite you to research the following documents to identify existing problems and challenges at the University, which your projects can then seek to address:

The deadline for applications is 1st April, with the outcome being shared on 16th April.

Please email us if you have any questions about your project idea – we are excited to see what you and your teams develop!

Incubator Success for All

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