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Competition for Contributions into an International Poster about Notable Women in Mathematics

This is episode 1 of the Diversity & Inclusivity project led by Dr Houry Melkonian. In this episode she is co-leading with Dr Tom Ritchie a pilot competition for students of the University of Exeter about ‘Notable Women in Mathematics’ which will feed into the project joint between UK and The Netherlands led by the team: 

In this episode, we pilot a competition for Exeter students to celebrate diversification in the culture of mathematics. This call supports participation among underrepresented groups and fosters the inclusion of women in Mathematics by asking students to bring together the stories of notable women mathematicians and mathematical thinkers and acknowledge their roles and their actions of  bravery, both in shaping professionalism in the education of mathematics. It aims at creating and designing a poster and/or a booklet about biographies of women whose novel discoveries and exceptional stories have inspired generations of mathematics lovers for centuries. The poster and booklet will be presented and displayed at national and international meetings and at various research and educational institutes and relevant websites.

This call invites students from the University of Exeter to submit biographies of at least two (2) notable women in mathematics. This competition aims to raise awareness of diversity in mathematics. Whilst women continue to make significant contributions to mathematics, the focus for this competition is on historical figures. Therefore, in determining the winners, the panel will give more weight to submissions about women whose contributions have stood the test of time.

Instructions for participants:


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