Exploring Global Nursing Educational Collaboration in a Virtual Classroom #1

Introducing the idea

A University of Exeter Educator Incubator project in partnership with Lund University and our Nursing students. 

Staff: Anneli Jӧnsson: Lena Forsell, Eva Persson (University of Lund) and Alison Marchbank (University of Exeter)

We are looking for nursing students to volunteers, as researchers, facilitators, and co-authors!  

Globally Engaged Learning: What are the benefits both educational and professionally of embedding globally engaged learning communities in nursing education? Why is it even a good idea?

Nursing is a globalised profession, we can and do travel to work in many countries, but our education is not internationalised. We do not routinely get together with nursing students from different countries to explore and compare evidence and clinical practice. There are common global themes such as patient safety, health inequalities and policy but are they applied differently and if so, what can we learn from each other?  Can a sustained collaborative cross cultural virtual exchange enhance our student’s educational experiences?  Will a learning community emerge? Can students use the opportunities in a virtual classroom to develop leadership and confidence?

There are lots of questions to be explored, in what will be an enjoyable fun and creative project.

Decolonising Hidden Curriculum Incubator Project Updates Student Students Success for All

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