The Education Incubator Expands: Meet Our Communication Interns.

The Education Incubator at the University of Exeter is dedicated to providing academics with a space for developing pedagogical innovations. It is designed for academics to explore their teaching and learning practice, and enable project collaborations with students. Innovation is fundamental to making education accessible, enjoyable, and flexible in the face of global change. 

The Education Incubator aimed to expand its team this year, promoting inclusivity and variety by enrolling new interns: us.

We are Lisa and Priyankha, two undergrad students at the University of Exeter who are passionate about driving innovation within the institution and getting more people involved in the Education Incubator!

Hey everyone, I’m Lisa.

I’m a third year English student at the University of Exeter, and until I joined the Education Incubator team I didn’t realise the work it had done nor how it could help students. Therefore I strive to improve the communication channels between students and the Education Incubator. I would love to act as a point of contact for students with questions on how they can get involved. As an English student I am an avid reader and writer, who also enjoys contributing to blog posts. My passion makes the prospect of developing and designing a professional blog that is easy to access and navigate really exciting and motivating. In our roles as interns we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills and I look forward to developing my time management skills and pursuing my interests in social media. Having a YouTube channel myself, I love creating unique content for a specific target audience and wish to hone these skills working for the Education Incubator!

Hey everyone, I’m Priyankha.

I’m Priyankha, a final year English and History student who –  rather predictably – loves to read, write, and talk and I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to develop a strategy to help grow the Education Incubator. As a humanities student I look forward to highlighting projects that use innovation outside of technology and science through spotlighting past projects such as Sundus Quereshi’s Exeter Policy Clinic. The clinic considered how racism impacts policy making and law reform and involved a series of talks and seminars hosted by internal and external experts. Quereshi hopes to build on the success of the clinic to develop an interdisciplinary module which provides students with the ability to consider how law and policy impact their subjects. This is an example of innovation which is not to do with science or technology but equally as enriching, valuable, and exciting!

We are both really looking forward to working on growing the outreach, impact, and reputation of the Education Incubator. 

Follow the Education Incubator socials Twitter and LinkedIn, where we will keep you posted on new and existing projects.

We hope that you will get involved and that this blog will encourage you to consider how the Education Incubator could innovate your teaching and learning experience.


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