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  • ‘Melanin Matters’: A Student-Led Anti Racism Project

    by Pavel Loginovic and Shihan Salihu We are Pavel and Shihan, two members of the Melanin Matters Team. Melanin Matters is a group composed of 4 Medical Students at the University of Exeter that aims to bridge the diversity knowledge gap existing in our medical curriculum. Everything started when we went to the Respect Festival… Read more

  • Hoping to Grow a Top Banana: Reducing Maths Anxiety and Promoting a Positive Maths Self Concept

    By Dr Julie Pepper Thank you for reading my first ever go at a blog post! While my dad was an accountant and liked maths, I grew up knowing my mum found maths “scary.” I think her experiences at school gave her a low maths self-concept as well as maths anxiety. Even though I was… Read more

  • Delivering Complex Simulated Exercises to Large Student Groups 

    by Dr Martin Robson, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Studies Simulated exercises are a proven pedagogical tool to provide students with a ‘sandpit’ to test concepts and theories in a simulated real-world context for the purpose of pedagogical progression, personal training and the reinforcement of skills and behaviours. Simulations involve participants to collaborate in teams, deploying… Read more

  • Exeter Education Incubator ChatGPT and Higher Education Project

    By Kerry Deacon, Project Manager of the Exeter Education Incubator at the University of Exeter Generative AI in Higher Education Generative AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 are changing the landscape in higher education. As with any new emerging technologies, there are opportunities to explore and challenges to overcome. Generative AI tools have the potential… Read more

  • Graduate Skills to Thrive

    Find out how the Education Incubator grant has enabled the Business School to run a series of workshops to discover how students think they can harness the power of the new GRADUATE SKILLS TO THRIVE framework for their own professional skills development. Read more

  • Neurodiversity and Universal Design for Learning: Engaging Students and Educators

    By Dr Tamsin Kilner Planning My Education Incubator Project So, I began thinking about my Incubator Discovery project in the following terms: ‘The literature indicates that neurodiverse students face greater challenges in HE, both in terms of engagement in learning and retention (see for example Clouder et al. 2020). They are also at greater risk of mental… Read more

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