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  • Josh reflects on his time as a Project Officer in the Exeter Education Incubator

    My time at the incubator has been my first “real job” since finishing University last year. I’ve interned, temped, and worked part time – but my first real foray into the bonafide adult full time working world has been here at the incubator. Whilst I’d spent three years in the academic environment, I had never… Read more

  • Projects supported by Curriculum 2021 investment

    As part of the University’s Curriculum 2021 investment, which is a major undertaking to reimagine the digital education we provide to all Exeter students, the Education Incubator is supporting six projects each exploring ways to exploit the affordances of digital technologies in order to enhance the student experience here at the University of Exeter. This… Read more

  • A collaborative literature review

    For the past 3 weeks in the Education Incubator office, the team has been working together to review the literature around MOOCs and how they are integrated into the HE curriculum. It’s been a blast. Often the literature review is not much fun. It’s a solitary affair, stuck at a computer screen. What are you… Read more

  • Using MOOCs to Address Grand Challenges

    This week I’d like to share with you the MOOC projects we are supporting in the coming academic year. These projects are aiming to help students to tackle real world challenges, and are linked to the University’s Grand Challenges project week. Emma Jeanes – Gender Equality MOOC Gender inequality is a global, pervasive and enduring… Read more

  • Success for All in the Exeter Education Incubator

    Success for All in the Exeter Education Incubator

    I begin this week by offering heartfelt congratulations to the theme leader of Success for All, Professor Wendy Robinson, on her appointment as our Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the College of Social Sciences and International Studies. It is appropriate, given Wendy’s success, to spread the word about the fascinating projects being run within the Success for All theme in… Read more

  • Learning reimagined

    This week in the Exeter Education Incubator Blog I’d like to introduce three of the exciting projects which we are supporting this year. These project are all part of the Learning Reimagined theme, which is led by the Director of the Education Incubator Dr Sarah Dyer. This theme explores ways to re-imagine learning and teaching… Read more