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  • How Can Wonder be Brought into Education? 

    by Brian Rappert How can wonder be brought into education?  This question was central to my Education Incubator Discovery grant.  As background, as part of a study into acquiring embodied skills, over the last five years I have learnt to perform as an entertainment magician. Within this work I have sought to devise public shows… Read more

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Medical Curriculum

    By Dr Jo Seale, Professor Vrinda Nayak and Dr Eleanor Townsend Hello, we are three members of staff working at the University of Exeter medical school and have joined together to explore the representation of equality and diversity in the medical curriculum with the support of an Exeter Education Incubator grant. We are a diverse… Read more

  • Building Integrity and Good Academic Practice in the Context of Cultural and Social Diversity: Learning from International Students

    by Leila Dawney, Sharon Strawbridge, Annabel Watson, Senior Academic Conduct Officers. It has been an unhappy revelation to many of us working in student cases and academic conduct that a disproportionate number of the students that we see come from overseas. Sometimes the meetings that we have with students are emotionally challenging. We see how… Read more

  • Introducing the University of Exeter’s Digital Maker Space

    by Sophie Houghton, Digital Learning Developer As part of a new Education Incubator project, I’d like to introduce the University of Exeter’s Digital Maker Space (DMS). I’m Sophie, and I’m the Digital Learning Developer for Renewable Energy. I’m working in a team alongside Barrie Cooper, Pierre de Brosses, Valentin Kozsla, Henry Ukomah and Sai Mahima… Read more

  • Writing Retreats: What are they and how do they work?

    By Education Incubator Communications Intern Priyankha Khindri This week here at the Education Incubator we are hosting a Writing Retreat, facilitated by Lewis Winks. This is the second writing retreat of the year and whilst we are all excited for the two-day event for those of us who have never attended one before it begs… Read more

  • The Playful Academic – innovation through play

    By Maarten Koeners How might we use play to support an improved educator and student experience? To find answers to this question we have been using play to create spaces and experiences that allow us to think, learn and create. By using play, we can push an idea, combine it, contradict it, relocate it, stretch… Read more

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