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  • Calculus on a Console: Is Gamification the Solution to some of Educations Biggest Problems?

    In 2011, It was found that 91% of children aged 2-17 in the U.S. play video games as a regular past time. Project officer Sam Keat discusses how this conceived problem can be used to address some burning issues in modern education. There’s no doubting that the vast majority of youngsters – and even adults… Read more

  • Life as a Higher Education Project Officer

    Matthew Rolls is a member of our Incubator team at the University of Exeter. Here he describes his experiences and thoughts after his first month in his new role. On the 3rd January this year I became one of the Higher Education Project Officers with the Education Incubator, working with the team to promote and work on… Read more

  • Reflections on the Learning Spaces Symposium and Education Conference in May 2018

    The beginning of May was busy for Exeter’s education incubator. Two key events focusing on learning and teaching innovation in Higher Education took place over two days. The first was a symposium hosting discussion and debate on learning spaces, held under the provocative title of “Do we need lecture theatres in the 21st Century” at… Read more

  • Education Incubator: Why Innovate in Higher Education?

    Why Innovate in Higher Education? Innovation is a word commonly associated with product development and the world of business – creating value from ideas, yet the term is now popularly used in many more areas and disciplines across the university campus. In a recent study on innovation in Higher Education, innovation is defined as the… Read more

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