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Below is an index of our blogs on this site in chronological order, from newest to oldest. Please do explore them and leave a like or comments.

  • Exeter Digest: There’s room for everyone around our table 

    Education Incubator Communications Intern Priyankha Khindri finds out more about Exeter Digest. This year the Education Incubator has collaborated with the Provost Office to fund a student-led anti-racism and inclusivity project. After a rigorous process a group of MA Creativity students were awarded funding for their idea to host a food and culture festival: Exeter… Read more

  • Intercultural Café: open your heart, increase your confidence

    Sue O’Hara, International Student Support Officer, speaks of her experience managing the weekly Intercultural Café at the University of Exeter.  I’ve been working with international students for well over 15 years now. And even though some challenges are new (pandemic anyone?), some challenges for our international student community haven’t changed: loneliness, isolation, culture shock, language… Read more

  • My learnings so far as an Education Incubator Communications Intern 

    In this blog Lisa Greghi outlines what she has learnt so far as a communications intern. She hopes her learnings will give some insight for other students considering undertaking an internship. The role of University of Exeter Education Incubator Communications Intern has exceeded my expectations, providing me with an incredible amount of expertise. In this… Read more

  • Priyankha Khindri reflects on her time as an Education Incubator Communications Intern 

    Written by Priyankha Khindri Back in January of this year I started my role as a Communications Intern for the Education Incubator alongside Lisa. Since then I have been fortunate enough to learn so much; developing skills and working towards some of the goals that I set myself when I first began. Read on to… Read more

  • How my Education Incubator project developed into something much bigger.

    Written by Dr Alison Hill I was an inaugural Exeter Education Incubator fellow in 2017/18 looking at ways to address the mathematics gap in my classes. I developed bespoke resources for my medicinal chemistry module, and a Smart Worksheet (in conjunction with LearnSci) for one of the second year biochemistry classes. In both cases I… Read more

  • Education Incubator student-led anti-racism and inclusivity, and gender safety project call 2021/22

    This blog is written by Education Incubator Communications Intern Priyankha Khindri. At the Education Incubator we currently have an exciting opportunity for University of Exeter students who want to develop innovative student-led projects on anti-racism and inclusivity, and gender safety to apply for funding. Run in conjunction with the Provost’s Office, we are offering up… Read more

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