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A face in the crowd: how can better understanding your audience drive sustainability for your project? 

Incubator Projects: A Work In Progress

Get started using design thinking in Higher Education with these 10 steps

Encompass: Decolonising STEM – what is this all about?

#5 Lab blog – How do we know we are creating value?

Call for contributions to JISC collection – examples of effective digital working

Reflections on the Education Incubator Summer Writing Retreats 2021 pt.2

Reflections on the Education Incubator Summer Writing Retreats 2021

Exploring Global Nursing Educational Collaboration in a Virtual Classroom #1

Students as Teachers of Multilingualism #3: Working as a Research Intern

Students as Teachers of Multilingualism #2: Delivering an interactive presentation on Microsoft Sway and via Zoom

Students as Teachers of Multilingualism #1: A collaborative project between the University of Exeter and Rokeby School

Pre-Reg Module #2: Supporting International Students

MathsArt #3 – Education of Maths with Art: expected doors opened, through the study of mathematics

Playful University Club #5 – May Monthly Meeting with Ted DesMaisons

Playful University Club #4 – April Monthly Meeting with Alison James

Playful University Club #3 – March Monthly Meeting with Anouska Cekalovic

#4 Lab blog – Where to start?

#SLAR – Active Together Blog #2 – Training For Change: A Call to Action

Connected Classrooms #2 – April 2021 Workshop

#3 Lab blog – Research-Based Community-Engaged Projects

#2 Lab blog – Invitations and applications

Connected Classrooms #1 – A Project Across Borders

Playful University Club #2 – December Monthly Meeting with Ian Turner

#1 Lab blog – How might we…?

MathsArt #2 – A Formula for Success: Teaching Maths through the Medium of Art

Pre-reg Module #1: Revaluating support for international students in the light of the blended approach to learning

Project Update Blog #1 – Mindful Classics: Using An Ancient Approach To Wellbeing to Support Modern Learners

Parallel Texts #3 – Findings from Network Interviews

Student-Led Anti-Racism Projects and Network

Erasmus+ Community-Engaged Learning Projects and Network

Competition for Contributions into an International Poster about Notable Women in Mathematics

#SLAR – Active Together Blog #1 – “You’re not really Chinese though, are you” – Identity and experience on a white University campus

Mathematics Without Tears and Fears #2 – Student Showcase – Pedagogical Games

Playful University #1 – Playful Praxis – A Student’s Perspective!

Mathematics Without Tears and Fears #1 – Ready Player One!

Education Incubator Project Call, 2021/22

#SLAR – Roots Resistance Project Blog #1 – Getting Started

Education Incubator 2020 – Our Year in Numbers

Decolonial Knowledge #1 – The importance of ethics of care when doing a decolonial work

Parallel Texts #2 – What We’ve Learned So Far

Top Tips for successful applications: The Student-Led Anti-Racism Project Fund

MathsArt #1 – Creatively Reimagine the Education of Mathematics through the Use of Visual Art at Primary Levels

Parallel Texts #1 – Rethinking education through the lens of parallel texts

Taking the remote out of online learning – using digital co-presence to build learning communities

Lego Serious Play: Training blog!

Dartington online writing retreat blog #5 – Video introductions for modules: a guide to why and how to create an inclusive approach

Online resources and narrowcasting the curriculum

Snakes and Ladders – A Classroom Activity for Building Dialogue and Shared Understanding

Dartington Online Writing Retreat Blogs #4 – Lockdown learning: notes on distanced education

RIIL Small Projects 2019/20 – Mobile Learning Summer Project Summary Report

Dartington Online Writing Retreat Blogs #3 – Planning online learning for non-native speakers*

A Personal Story of becoming a Playful Academic

The Exeter Spectrum Programme #2 – A Project in Review

The Education Incubator Café Online 2020!

Dartington Online Writing Retreat Blogs #2 – Fix Up, Look Sharp? Bringing your authentic self to online teaching

Dartington Online Writing Retreat Blogs #1 – Developing Inclusive Learning Environments Online

Starting a new job during a pandemic – three months in

The Exeter Spectrum Project #1

#EduPLAYtion Incubator Project – Reflections on pushing the playful learning agenda

#DigiLearningPlayground – quick wins for the coming term

#BEM2034 the story so far…

Diffractive analysis for creative pedagogy – a blog from BERA Conference


Exeter HealthTech Hackathon 2019

Chinese Culture MOOC – a hotbed of peer-to-peer learning

Tensions and textures – exploring embodiment in a digital learning landscape

The Peer Impact Project: Mid-Project Perspective from the Biological Psychology Programme

Mapping the physiology of play to education strategy

The Hidden Curriculum – a student’s perspective

Incubator Podcast: InVEnTA, gamification and active learning

The Research-Education Ecosystem

New ideas & new courses supported by Student Digital Champions

Mathematics Group Projects on the New A-level Mathematics 2018-2019

Humanities in a Digital World: Progress Update

Reimagine Education Awards – San Francisco, November 2018

Playful Learning – a project update from Joe Francis at Truro Knowledge Spa

Peer impact – the story so far! by David MacDonald

Hidden Curriculum? New student-staff collaboration is set to shine light on invisible barriers to learning

Gender (in)equality – engaging secondary school students to take action. By Dr Emma Jeanes

Utilising Digital Tools to Enhance Learning in the Laboratory. Highlights from Dr Nicky King’s Presentation

3 steps to maximise your project impact

Staying positive through ‘innovation anxiety’ at the start of a new project

The Propeller Event – connecting projects across campus

Farewell from Project Officer, Cameron Winton

InVEnTA discussions at the International Glaciology British Branch Meeting

Incubating our Incubator project

E-Resources for new ways of teaching and assessing in the laboratory – project blog

Josh reflects on his time as a Project Officer in the Exeter Education Incubator

Projects supported by Curriculum 2021 investment

A collaborative literature review

Using MOOCs to Address Grand Challenges

Success for All in the Exeter Education Incubator

Learning reimagined

A busy week on campus

Cultivating the Innovative Spirit in the Exeter Education Incubator

Student Engagement in the University of Exeter Education Incubator Research Project

What makes innovation successful?

Tending to the Transition: Exploring the impact that the reformed A Levels will have on University learning – April 2018 Update

Mind the Gap!: Addressing the Mathematics Gap in Biosciences

Calculus on a Console: Is Gamification the Solution to some of Educations Biggest Problems?

Life as a Higher Education Project Officer

Reflections on the Learning Spaces Symposium and Education Conference in May 2018

Education Incubator: Why Innovate in Higher Education?

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