Welcome to the University of Exeter Education Incubator Blog!

The Education Incubator Blog hosts the views and opinions of our fellows and students, supporting them to post updates about their experiences, projects, and initiatives, while also hosting content related to innovation, pedagogy, and University-wide issues.

The Incubator supports staff from across the University to collaborate and engage in pedagogic innovations. We create spaces in which academic and professional services staff can explore and prototype ideas, while networking with like-minded peers to explore examples of inspirational education practice.

Partnership with students is a core commitment at the University of Exeter and the Incubator is proud to champion and support this type of effective and appreciative relationship. We ensure that students are effectively represented at the heart of our work, making sure they are included as part of the applications and decisions process and are also recruited to work within the Incubator wherever possible.

We hope you enjoy browsing this blog, which is the companion of the Education Incubator website, where you can find further details about our projects, events, and future funding opportunities.

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